Task Force

In the Fall of 2015 founders Sarah McKay and Julie Flanders along with the Kenneys decided to invite people to be part of a task force to develop a Pilot Program.  The goal was to create awareness of the project, determine interest and need and to demonstrate credibility.

Task Force members include; Samantha Look, Alison Stearns, Tracey Olsen, Emma McGlynn, Rebecca Miller as well as Sarah McKay and Julie Flanders.

This group of volunteers met weekly from the fall of 2015 to April 2016.  They developed and delivered the Pilot Programs, lent their horses and ponies, took care of the horses, planned and organized community events and gave their valuable insight and experience towards shaping the vision of the MVCHC.

Task Force members continue to be actively involved as board members, instructors, staff and members of an advisory committee.  Their commitment and passion has been critical to the creation of our mission and vision.

Pilot Program Highlights

  • 14 beautiful, well-trained horses lent
  • 3,560 hours by over 50 volunteers given
  • 250 pony rides enjoyed
  • 50 pilot program students enrolled
  • 30 students, short group lessons received
  • 10 special family and enrichment events hosted
  • 25 family donations, without solicitation or promotion
  • 4 scholarships awarded
  • 600 bales of hay tossed; 200 bags of shavings used; 100 bags of grain eaten