Partners and Collaboration

The launch of our Pilot Programs in the winter of 2016 followed a community outreach to over 30 island organizations with whom we envisioned possible future collaborations.  We were able to distribute and promote the Pilot Programs in English and Portuguese through the MV Public School System, Community Services and the Island Wide Youth Collaborative to ensure we reached all island families within the school system.  Community collaboration with the MV Horse Council has helped us connect with the horse community. Ongoing conversations with commercial barns helps to guide the services we offer to the community.  As part of our land management plan we work closely with Sherriff's Meadow Foundation about the care and maintenance of the fields we lease.  As we continue to meet with island educational, environmental and social organizations, we will tailor our programs to fit the need.  

Island Autism and Rising Tide already fill an important role on Martha's Vineyard and we look forward to discerning how we can support their programs.

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