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Horsemanship ProgramS

Horsemanship Programs at Misty Meadows Equine Learning Center offer students the opportunity to experience horses and nature while learning horse management and riding skills. Weekly 1.5-hour lessons are divided into two 45-minute segments, EAL (equine assisted learning) and Horsemanship. Eight students divide into two groups of four and alternate between the two segments which are led by qualified instructors and experienced volunteers.

Our Horsemanship Programs are designed for students age 7 and older. 

PONY PALS (AGES 7-9) is our horsemanship program for younger students. Students learn general horse care including grooming and how to tack up a horse. Pony Pals focuses on learning body language, leading, mounting and dismounting, and basic, mounted and unmounted, horse communication skills. Weekly themes include: boundaries, connection, responsibility, empathy, teamwork and leadership. Classes will be grouped by experience.

BARN BUDDIES (AGES 10-14) is our horsemanship program for older students. Students will learn horse care, barn management and other horse responsibilities. Barn Buddies will teach how to communicate effectively with horses through body language and leadership both in the saddle and on the ground. Weekly themes include: boundaries, self- awareness, problem solving, empowerment, group cohesion, and communication. Classes will be grouped by experience.

HORSE SENSE (ages 14 and up) is our horsemanship program for teens and adults. Our six-week program delivers a unique perspective on the horse-human relationship. Through groundwork and riding, students focus on the horse’s body language to learn how these prey animals naturally move and communicate. This way of teaching goes beyond handling horses and students develop self-awareness, improved communication and problem-solving skills.  Some sessions might involve only unmounted activities. Our Horse Sense (Adult Advanced) is designed for students who can walk trot independently. 

MOUNTED ARCHERY (Adults) Mounted archery is a partnership of horse and rider like no other. It is an exciting interaction in which riders experience the thrill of navigating a horse, without reins, through a course, while loading and shooting arrows at a target. This is a class for more experienced riders (age 12 and up) who have attended at least one of our recreational riding session before.

For more information, please call 508-338-7198 or email  Please note that some weekly sessions will only include unmounted activities. 


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