It’s All Fun and Games

There was lots of family fun with the horses yesterday at MV Community Horse Center.  A steady flow of parents and kids came to visit and participate in horse activities.  I’m not sure who had the most fun, the kids, parents or the volunteers?  Everyone was smiling and having a great time.  

The horses continue to impress us all with their calmness around kids.  Tiny little Charlotte happily groomed Star’s feathery huge legs, the only part she could reach, and star never moved a muscle once, knowing the little one was right there.  Merlin, the sensitive gentle giant stood like a statue while many of the kids painted his hooves and legs all at the same time.

Thanks to Sam and Tim for doing pony rides in the hot arena.  Shayna as always was as good as gold and Simba turned on his “go slow and take care of the kid on my back program” and proudly did ride after ride for all the kids.  For many, it was a first time for a pony ride, which is always so special to experience.