Glorious Day for a Horse Wedding!

Written by Instructor, Rebecca Miller. 

Beginning in January 2016, the task force designed and implemented 3 pilot study programs at The MV Horse Center.  The group programs targeted 3 separate populations, children ages 6-10, adolescent girls ages 10-14, and adult women.  In order to meet the needs of the community and get a better range of feedback, multiple 4-week sessions were offered for each program.  Kids who Love Horses provided basic horsemanship and beginner riding lessons in a relaxed, fun, professional environment.  Girl Power taught adolescent girls empowerment through the act of building relationships with horses and each other. In the un-mounted activities and challenges set forth in Girl Power, the girls learned skills such as how to establish boundaries, team building, leadership and communication.  In the adult offering, New Beginnings, participants learned to how to challenge themselves in new ways through guided horse related activities.  Each program was documented and evaluated for future programming goals. Testimonials such as the following provided valuable feedback:

 I picked her up at the appointed time, 5:30. She skipped out to the car, a smile on her face. I asked, "How was Misty Meadows?" "Great!" She continued to chatter away the entire car ride home about everything that the girls had accomplished together. "We had to make 3 horses jump over a jump without talking to them or each other. We did it!" 

Thank you for creating an environment where my daughter's happiness can bubble up and flow


Lisa Nivala

The Wedding idea formed one afternoon during a grooming session. One of the Girl Power students thought it would be nice to end our last session with a wedding ceremony complete with pre nuptial beautification, ceremonial kiss, and post nuptial reception.  It was a potluck wedding and after deliberations, a group plan emerged and the students were off to create the wedding.  It was a beautiful day in which no one could stop smiling.  Minor adjustments had to be made at the alter when the bride pony rejected the afro-wigged groom.  Fifteen weeks of equine and human skill building were put to the test during the wedding day and we are proud to say it was a huge success (as well as the favorite class).  Enjoy the video below.