Warrior v Nurturer


Last weekend we welcomed Marcy Baer and Murphy Robinson from New England Mounted Archers to the Horse Center to share their knowledge and have some fun.  Nine participants got to learn how to instinctually shoot arrows through a recurve bow (the kind of bow they used and still use in the Olympics).  For 2 days we tapped into our hunter/gatherer shared histories and pulled out amazing gifts.  We loaded, shot and reloaded all on top of our horses.  The burrowing, resonate thwapping sound of the arrow hitting a target was a just reward as it echoed throughout the arena.  It was an amazing weekend as we all learned the skill of archery and the art of letting go when we walked, trotted, and cantered around the arena with no reins and total trust in our mounts.  We cannot wait for Marcy and Murphy to come back and aim to create a kids program (as soon as we get a little better).