Volunteers are very important people at the Martha's Vineyard Community Horse Center. Our programs are 100% volunteer based so we literally couldn't have done it without the help of the island community. As we grow, volunteer opportunities continue to increase. Words can't express our gratitude to these exceptional folks who give their time and expertise in a myriad of ways — from assisting during programs, helping with events, horse care, mucking and cleaning stalls, feeding the horses, offering professional services, fundraising and more.

Special thanks to the following amazing volunteers who help us on a very regular basis...  THANK YOU!

Kazara Adelberg
Brian Alberth
Sara Andresen
Sally Appy
Randi Baird
Liz Baldwin
Heidi Bryan
Susie Buck
Nicole Cabot
Heather Capece
Ashley Casey
Joyce Collins
Jeff De Long
Joshua Dix
Matthew Dix
Ruby Dix
Sadie Dix
Nancy Dole
Dan Doyle
Julie Flanders

Sharon Gambsy
Cam Ganser
Cat Garfinkle
Bean Haller-Hiser
Katie Halsey
Jesse Hayes
Haven Huck
Jan Hulka
Irene Hungerford
Bob Hungerford
Carole Hunter
Doug Kenney
Jill Lane
Pia Leonard
Sam Look
Alexis Markan
Olivia Markan
Kristi Maynard
Sarah McKay

Tim McKay
Nina McMann
Rebecca Miller
Sarah Moore
Karinne Nivala
Sarah Nixon
Sean O'Malley
Mya O'Neill
Kara O'Sullivan
Tracey Olsen
Annie Parsons
Emily Pendergast
Laura Plunkett
Jen Rand
Reece Robinson
Alison Stearns
Bella Thorpe
Vickie Thurber
Pat Valenti
Eric Whitman

Volunteer Opportunities

Many people have reached out to offer their help as a volunteer.  We are looking for a volunteer coordinator to help organize and manage this wonderful community resource.  Other areas for volunteers to help include:

  • Program Assistance
  • Events
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Fundraising
  • Property Maintenance
  • Horse Care
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briefly explain why you are interested