Spring 2018 ProgramS

The Horse Center offers unique programs bringing horses and humans together to promote emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.  Group-based programs foster personal development, communication and relationship-building skills through interactions with horses. 

Our teaching method is inspired by the Vaquero style of horsemanship, where “the feel” of the horse is emphasized. Horses are sensitive herd animals with their own social rules and group dynamics. As prey animals, horses are highly intuitive and keenly aware of their surroundings and constantly providing us with feedback through non-verbal body language. By partnering with horses, participants can gain insight about themselves and how they relate to others. 

Our Spring 2018 program runs from April 2nd through June 2nd.

Pony Pals (Age 7-9)  Thursday 3:30-5pm

Barn Buddies I (Age 10-13)  Tuesday 3:30-5pm

Barn Buddies II (Age 10-13)  Friday 3:30-5pm

Barn Buddies III (Age 10-13)  Saturday 10:00-11:30am

Horse Sense (Age 14-Adult)   Wednesday 5:30-7pm

Our eight-week programs deliver a unique perspective on the horse-human relationship. Through groundwork and riding, students learn the language of horses along with the way in which a prey animal thinks and reacts. From these experiences, students develop self-awareness, improved communication and problem-solving skills. Students also learn general horse care, grooming and tack. Students gain a solid foundation of horsemanship to continue their riding education, as well as skills that can be helpful in all aspects of life. All classes are age-appropriate. Program fee is $240. Note that some weekly sessions will only include unmounted activities. No session during school break, April 16- 21.


Girl Power (Age 10-13)   Wednesday 3:30-5pm 

Girl Power teaches empowerment skills through unmounted horse activities. Students experience a safe, fun and challenging environment to learn more about themselves and their relationship with others and the world around them. Weekly themes highlight life skills such as: asserting healthy boundaries, managing obstacles and distractions, effective communication, team building and leadership. Program fee is $240.  No session during school break, April 16- 21.


Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)

In Equine Assisted Learning, participants engage in unmounted groundwork and skill building exercises. Our group activities are designed to promote self-discovery with the horse providing instant, honest unfiltered feedback. 



Horsemanship offers a unique riding approach to grow self-awareness, build confidence, improve communication and develop a more meaningful connection with the natural world.