Two separate non-profit organizations have been created to run Misty Meadows Equine Learning Center, Inc. The Operations Board is the primary arm that runs all of operations and programming. The Foundation Board owns and maintains the property so that the Operations team can devote 100% of their time developing and offering innovative programs to our community. 

The generous gift by the Kenney Family of Misty Meadows Farm is a community asset like no other on Martha's Vineyard. Our multi-functional facility is an experiential learning center where individuals of all ages can gather to connect with the power and magic of horses.

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Operations & Programming

  • Provides programs, instruction and training
  • Cares for horses and maintains equipment
  • Members: Sarah McKay (Executive Director), Sarah Nixon, Tracey Olsen, Samantha Look, Nicole Cabot, Dan Doyle, Cat Garfinkle, Barbara Conroy and Michael Blanchard. Click here for bios.



  • Owns and maintains property
  • Manages Endowment Fund
  • Members: Julie Flanders, Julie Skinner, Cat Garfinkle and Doug McNeely. Click here for bios.

Your generous support is important to make the Martha's Vineyard Community Horse Center possible. THANK YOU!