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Did you hear? In July, our name officially changed to MISTY MEADOWS EQUINE LEARNING CENTER, INC. 

Why the change? As a result of a recent partnership with Rising Tide Therapeutic Equestrian Center and strategic planning, it is a perfect opportunity to reposition ourselves to align with our bigger and broader mission and vision.

Why Misty Meadows? The Misty Meadows property, where our center is located, has been a major riding center with strong roots on the Vineyard since 1972. In gifting the property to us in November 2016, the Kenney Family wanted to return to the community what had been a facility for people to connect with each other and the magic of horses for decades. This name change better reflects our role of preserving an island landmark with a long equine history. Since our inception, as we talked to islanders, it became apparent that the community had strong ties to Misty Meadows, and their passion and memories was something we wanted to honor and preserve. Click here to read more about the history of our property.

The name change comes after months of strategic planning to more clearly define our mission and vision. Click here for full Press Release.







We are on a mission to bring the magic and power of horses to the Island community. We are a year-round equine learning center that provides innovative experiences to inspire and support personal growth and transformation through connections with horses. Our programs help build leadership skills, communication skills, self-esteem and personal awareness.


We are a non-profit organization dedicated to creating an equine learning center that will empower individuals through connection with horses and nature. We aim to help people awaken to their potential by offering skill building, interpersonal and social enrichment unique to the island. Our programs focus on unmounted and mounted horsemanship, Therapeutic Programming and Equine Assisted Learning (EAL).

We serve all age groups and the long-term plan is to collaborate with other non-profit organizations on the island in community services, wellness, health, land conservation and more.

Our vision is that when people awaken to their potential, they are empowered to act more responsibly in the world and have a greater impact in society and our communities. 

I am amazed at the impact Misty Meadows has had on my daughter. She has blossomed and her confidence has improved immensely. I love how her eyes light up when it is time to ride. She has never been an outgoing child, but with her new found excitement in horses, I can see the change and it is very exciting. I hope you will consider making a donation to horse center. We would not be able to continue encouraging this new found joy without this innovative program.
— Nicole Cabot


Misty Meadows offers unique programs bringing horses and humans together to promote emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.  Group-based programs foster personal development, communication and relationship-building skills through interactions with horses. 


Watch our video to learn more about us.